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Dell to Cut More Jobs in Cost-Cutting 'Mission'

Company won't say how many but it will be more than the 8,800 initially planned.

Are Security Researchers Targeting QuickTime?

Apple fixes 11 security flaws as QuickTime woes continue, though the end may be in sight.

Survey Finds iPhone Users Don't Talk Very Much

Hey iPhone users, did you know you can make phone calls on that thing?

Stocks Gain as Investors See Signs of Hope

Spiking jobless claims couldn't keep stocks down on Thursday, as Merrill Lynch, Research In Motion and Micron Technology gave investors reason to buy.

Recession a Factor in CIO Budget Plans?

Gartner survey indicates no planned changes in IT budgets globally, but the story's different in the U.S. Business News
Real time business news, stock trends, analysis, features and opinion for IT decision makers.
Google Ordered to Pay Up in Belgium

UPDATED: Court rules search giant must remove links and pay fines.

Priceline's Profit Surprises gave hope to a listless stock market late Monday with much higher than expected quarterly earnings.

Technical Analysis: Still Correcting

Stocks fell again on Monday, but the pullback has yet to do lasting damage.

Micron, Fed Fears Sink Stocks

A warning about memory prices from Micron Technology and hawkish comments from Federal Reserve officials sent stocks to their worst weekly loss in two months.

Technical Analysis: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

The market has gotten into a familiar pattern in recent months.

Resources and Information for ISPs and Internet Access Providers
ADTRAN Adds GPON to Total Access 5000

The company's massive multiservice switch adds optical to more traditional media, all on the same box.

Wireless Equipment Distributor Directory: Pasadena Networks

Created by the founder of the Southern California Wireless Users Group, Pasadena Networks aims to be a one-stop shop for everything a wireless ISP might need.

VoIP and the Other Cable Companies

Smaller cable companies, generally ignored by the trade press, are doing well with VoIP.

The Super Antenna

We contacted Superpass to find out how this tiny wireless equipment company competes with the major players.

ISP-Planet's Guide to Starting and Running an ISP: Chapter 10: Growing Your ISP Business

Most of the articles on this website are related to this topic, but we picked some of the best for you.

eWeek - RSS Feeds
eWeek - RSS Feeds
All States Comply with Real ID, Intentionally or Not

The Department of Homeland Security granted 2009 compliance extensions to all states, but the fate of Real ID still hangs in the balance. ...

IBM First to Host `Second Life` on Its Own Servers

IBM unveils a plan to host Second Life on its own servers as a stepping stone to greater adoption of virtual worlds across the enterprise....
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Symantec Drops Lawsuit Against Microsoft

The original lawsuit alleged Microsoft illegally bundled volume-management software technology it had licensed from Veritas into several Windows versions, but Symantec is dismissing it. ...
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XP Home Lives, and So Does Linux, on UMPCs

If Microsoft had extended XP's life, I could see a long, uphill climb for Linux on the desktop. Now, I can breath easier. ...
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Dell Exec Declines Comment on Talk of Cell Phone

A Dell executive declines to comment on whether the company's interest in mobile technology includes making cell phones....
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BusinessWeek Online -- Technology
Google: What Goes Up…

Ad clicks are flat, the stock is falling. Can the enchanted corporate giant keep the magic from fading?

Record Labels and MySpace Cut a Deal

Warner, Sony BMG, and Universal have teamed with the site in a venture that gives them equity and ad income

Just Put It on My Phone

Companies are introducing services with new ways for consumers to buy, sell, and carry out other transactions using wireless handsets

A Healthy Gamble for Cystic Fibrosis

In an unusual move, a foundation is paying pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs to fight the disease, with promising results

India's Videocon Wants Motorola Phone Biz

The appliance maker seeks to buy Motorola's ailing cell-phone division to complement its telecom business; critics say it's not a good fit

Telecommunications Industry News Daily news bulletin of notable events in the telecommunications industry.
Research In Motion Financial Results Exceed Estimates

Research In Motion Ltd., manufacturer of the popular BlackBerry device, posted higher-than-expected fourth-quarter financial results yesterday, as consumers continued to favour the company's market-leading line of email smartphones.

AT&T Launches U-verse VoIP Service in Austin and San Diego

AT&T is bringing its U-verse VoIP service to Austin, Texas and San Diego, California, paving the way for triple-play (voice/data/video) bundles in the cities.

AT&T Offers Pro-Rated Discount on Early Cancellation Fee

America's leading wireless carrier, AT&T, says it will alter (but not eliminate) a flat fee it charges for early termination of wireless services.

Appellate Court Orders Sprint to Divest Nextel Holdings in Parts of Midwest

An appellate court in Illinois has upheld a lower court decision forcing troubled wireless carrier, Sprint Nextel Corp., to stop selling Nextel-branded products in parts of the Midwest.

BSNL Awards Rural Broadband Expansion Contract to Nokia Siemens Networks

Nokia Siemens Networks has won a contract with India's state-owned telecommunications incumbent, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (BSNL), to expand that company's broadband coverage into an additional 25,000 rural villages.

ZDNet All News and Blogs - RSS Sponsorship
The latest from ZDNet
Wayback Machine: QuickTime, NAB 1998 and the fight over video playback

Ten years ago, give a week or so, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced QuickTime 3.0 to the National Association of Broadcasters' convention. Behind the scenes in the months before the introduction, Microsoft was playing hardball with hardware and software vendors over its new A/V APIs along with demands to kill the QuickTime competition. In hindsight, the debut of QuickTime 3.0 heralded a new way for Apple to sell software, one that will play out in a big way in the iPhone and iPod touch mobile platform. In the Department of Justice's long antitrust battle with Microsoft over the browser and video playback, Apple executives gave evidence surrounding QuickTime 3.0, including mentions of NAB 1998. Along with the new Quicktime, the...

Forrester: IT planners to get a jolt of green this year

Forrester Research believes IT operations folk and facilities managers will be fielding more and more green tech questions as the year wears on. And, amazingly enough, if you think about the main impetus that most businesses have to do this -- namely saving money -- this is one prediction that isn't likely to be whacked out by the "R" word. So here are five things that Forrester thinks anyone with IT management responsibility should get a better handle on. Some are no-brainers. Others will take a bit more digging. It bases its observations on the results of a recent enterprise IT survey. 1. Understanding your data center efficiency. According to Forrester, somewhere around one-third of data center managers still are...

Comcast offers really-broad band

Comcast is rolling out high-speed Internet in the Twin Cities. High-speed as in 50Mbps downstream, but only 5Mbps upstream. And they say it can be turned up as high as 160Mbps downstream. Cost is $150 per month and they expect to deploy in 20 percent of markets by the end of the year. For more details, see the extensive news coverage. The end of the year is also the time frame for Comcast to switch to a new kinder, gentler form of network management. But with those speeds, can they just give up on network management? Well, no. For one thing, it's still only offering 5Mbps upstream ? and upstream is what the throttling was all about. For another, George...

EIC podcast: SAP, Intel, Dell, XP and Google

In this week's EIC squared podcast Dan and I talk SAP, Intel's Mobile Internet Devices, Dell and Google's employee exodus. Dan and I mull over the SAP's succession plan. SAP named Leo Apotheker co-CEO with Henning Kagermann, who has a contract that runs out in 2009. Apotheker will be expected to sell SAP's technology lineup. We also touched on the retirement of Peter Zencke, the architect of SAP's BusinessByDesign SaaS software. Moving on we noted Intel's IDF announcements and the prospects of Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). Is there a market? And will these Intel chips--dubbed Atom--wind up in the iPhone or another touch device? Dell also went to Wall Street this week and Dan reckons that the company has hit...

Official: MySpace to form join venture with major record labels

We knew it was coming but now it's official MySpace has announced the formation of MySpace Music, a new join venture with three of the four major record labels: Universal Music Group, Sony BMG and Warner Music. The new service, which will roll out in stages over the next few months, will offer ad-supported music streaming on MySpace, as well DRM-free downloads (MP3), ringtones, and other e-commerce offerings (think: t-shirts and concert tickets). Two notable takeaways from the announcement: First is the inclusion of Universal who prior to today had an ongoing lawsuit with MySpace over copyright infringement on the social networking site. Presumably that's now been settled (see TechCrunch). Second is the notable omission of EMI, who are said...

Tech news and business reports by CNET Focused on information technology, core topics include computers, hardware, software, networking, and Internet media.
Motorola to eliminate 2,600 jobs

Struggling handset maker will take a $104 million pretax charge in the first quarter of 2008 to cover severance costs, according to a Thursday SEC filing.

Bidders in latest FCC auction start talking

The gag order has been lifted and Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Qualcomm, and Google have all start revealing their wireless strategies in relation to the auction.

Kids earn online points for real-world chores

Handipoints lets parents set a list of tasks for their child, like washing the dishes, and kids have some fun online in the process.

The green(er)ing of Web 2.0 Expo

A tech-centric conference makes the decision to try to do a better job of being environmentally conscious.

Report estimates Craigslist 2008 revenue at $80 million

Craigslist to make an estimated $80 million this year and could handily exceed that and compete better against rivals if it raised some fees, report says.

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