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InternetNews Realtime News for IT Managers All the top news, features, analysis and insight into enterprise and Internet technology, geared for IT managers and delivered by the best in the industry.
Can Motorola Fix its 'Warring Tribe' Problem?

A current and former employee explain why they think the culture at the troubled hardware maker needs fixing.

Technical Analysis: Stocks At Support

The Dow and S&P could find support near here.

Techs Dodge Financial Fallout

Another debacle in the financial sector had little effect on the tech sector Friday, as a number of strong earnings reports limited losses.

Microsoft: EC Fine is Not Fine

The company will go to the mat over the European Commission's $1.35 billion fine.

Apeer Has an Eye For Media Collaboration

New program both competes and complements WebEx for collaboration.

Resources and Information for ISPs and Internet Access Providers
Link Technologies' PoweRouter

Aiming to take on the Cisco 7200 series, Link Technologies has adapted MikroTik technology to high end deployments.

DSL Prime: New York City's 100 Percent Broadband Plan

It looks like Verizon will deliver fiber to 100 percent of New York City without any subsidy or tax credit. If so, it could set a positive pattern for the rest of the world.

DSL Prime: Will New Deployments Cause DSL Declines?

Both fiber and newly credible WiMAX could cause declines in overall DSL subscriber numbers in areas that lead the world in new technologies. But DSL (and cable) will respond with higher speeds.

DSL Prime: West Virginia Broadband

Unlike Tasmania, West Virginia, an area of natural beauty and difficult geography, may get its broadband program right.

DSL Prime News Briefs

DSL industry news from around the world shows that DSL can be profitable, but some DSL may be too profitable to be sustainable.

eWeek - RSS Feeds
eWeek - RSS Feeds
Lawmakers Renew Efforts to Enact Net Neutrality Bill

Second House bill emerges as time slips away for action....
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Ubuntu Works for Small Businesses

Open-source software has pros and cons, but can be very useful for the self-employed or small business owners....
Six Sigma Certification 100% Online-Six Sigma Certificate from Villanova - Find Out More Now.

Digium CEO Discusses Open-Source Balancing Act

Danny Windham on the challenges of staying true to the open-source model while achieving commerical success....
TAKE CONTROL OF REMOTE COMPUTERS Support, configure and install applications and updates remotely for greater efficiency.

Google`s Cloud Utopia Doesn`t Mesh With Enterprise

MuleSource CEO Dan Rosenberg rains on Google's giddiness at a time when everyone is talking about the cloud....
RESOLVE SUPPORT ISSUES from your Desktop! Minimize downtime with a remote support solution that lets you resolve issues right from the desktop

Vonage Offers VOIP, Broadband Service

Vonage teams with enterprise broadband supplier Covad....
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BusinessWeek Online -- Technology
Inside Microsoft's War Against Google

With Yahoo off the table, Microsoft plans to challenge Google's online-ad juggernaut alone. A behind-the-scenes look at its provocative strategy

MySpace: Going Places

Hoping to renew its growth, the social network will let users transport their profiles to other sites, such as Yahoo and eBay

Can Craigslist Stay Oddball?

The Web phenom was never into maximizing profits. A scrap with eBay may change things

Alcatel's Russo: There Is No Downturn

The CEO of Alcatel-Lucent, the world's largest telecom equipment maker, says the industry's outlook may be uncertain but growth opportunities remain

Best Buy Barges into Europe

The electronics giant has bought 50% of Britain's Carphone Warehouse, which has stores in nine countries. But the move comes at a risky time

Telecommunications Industry News Daily news bulletin of notable events in the telecommunications industry.
Verizon FiOS Now America’s No. 11 Pay-TV Service

New York-based telecom giant, Verizon Communications, is now America's eleventh largest pay-TV provider, thanks to aggressive expansion of its FiOS TV network over the past two years.

Bell Canada Profits Drop, Revenue Stagnant in First Quarter

Canada's largest telecommunications carrier, Bell Canada Enterprises Inc., has reported a 45% drop in profit for the first quarter of 2008, as it paid to expand its broadband infrastructure into 86 remote and rural communities.

Google Joins Sprint and Clearwire in WiMAX Consortium

Sprint Nextel announced yesterday that it is reviving its WiMAX joint venture with Clearwire Corp., with the help of $3.2 billion in financial backing from internet search giant, Google, and other tech-industry heavyweights.

Carl Icahn Continues Boosting Motorola Share

Despite strong shareholder concerns at Motorola's annual general meeting earlier this week, activist investor, Carl Icahn announced yesterday that he has boosted his stake in the company from 6.4% to 7.6%.

Sprint Nextel Shares Surge on Rumours of Takeover Bid

Shares in Sprint Nextel Corp. climbed more than 10% on Monday, and an additional 5% yesterday, following reports that European telecommunications giant, Deutsche Telekom, is considering making a bid for the company.

Tech news and business reports by CNET Focused on information technology, core topics include computers, hardware, software, networking, and Internet media.
Netflix Watch Now: Missing 95 percent of the service's most popular content

Netflix has made its Watch Now instant streaming feature easier to use, but it's still lacks the overwhelming majority of the service's popular movies and TV shows.

JavaOne '08: Sun starts delivering

At San Francisco conference, company touts a rich Internet application environment and a new cloud computing service. Plus, Neil Young sings Sun.

Microsoft's big bid for Yahoo

What Yahoo has, Microsoft wants. But talks break down, and the software giant says a proxy battle isn't worth it. Tune in here for the latest.

Adobe says Photoshop Express glitch fixed

The software maker says it has fixed a bug that delayed an update to the free, Web-based photo editing tool. The planned updates are now available, it says.

Atari gets delisted by Nasdaq

The company that in many ways created the modern video game industry has seen its fortunes fall about as far as possible.

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