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Will Vista in the Enterprise Ever Take Off?

Wondering whether Vista will ever catch on with enterprise customers? The answer may be 'Yes, but not quite yet.'

Memory Prices Heading Up

Memory makers have finally stopped adding capacity because they spent themselves broke.

A 'SaaSy' Approach to Wireless Security

AirTight is wagering that its software-as-a-service approach can help enterprises lock down their Wi-Fi.

Microsoft's Patch Day Targets Four Vulnerabilities

Hole in the Jet database considered the most severe, since it affects so many Microsoft and third-party apps.

ooVoo vooms past Typical Video Conferencing

Startup meshes chat, IM, file sharing and video messaging.

Resources and Information for ISPs and Internet Access Providers
Link Technologies' PoweRouter

Aiming to take on the Cisco 7200 series, Link Technologies has adapted MikroTik technology to high end deployments.

DSL Prime: New York City's 100 Percent Broadband Plan

It looks like Verizon will deliver fiber to 100 percent of New York City without any subsidy or tax credit. If so, it could set a positive pattern for the rest of the world.

DSL Prime: Will New Deployments Cause DSL Declines?

Both fiber and newly credible WiMAX could cause declines in overall DSL subscriber numbers in areas that lead the world in new technologies. But DSL (and cable) will respond with higher speeds.

DSL Prime: West Virginia Broadband

Unlike Tasmania, West Virginia, an area of natural beauty and difficult geography, may get its broadband program right.

DSL Prime News Briefs

DSL industry news from around the world shows that DSL can be profitable, but some DSL may be too profitable to be sustainable.

eWeek - RSS Feeds
eWeek - RSS Feeds
BT, HP Discuss Data Center Deal

The companies aim to tackle enterprise telephony deals together....
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Facebook, Google to Join MySpace in Data Portability

Facebook announces Connect, and Google also prepares a data portability initiative....
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Checking Out With Bluetooth

Fujitsu integrates Metrologic Bluetooth scanning technology with its U-Scan Genesis self-checkout system....
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Lawmakers Renew Efforts to Enact Net Neutrality Bill

A second House bill emerges as the time for action slips away....
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Ubuntu Works for Small Businesses

Open-source software has pros and cons, but can be very useful for the self-employed or small business owners....
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BusinessWeek Online -- Technology
Inside Microsoft's War Against Google

With Yahoo off the table, Microsoft plans to challenge Google's online-ad juggernaut alone. A behind-the-scenes look at its provocative strategy

MySpace: Going Places

Hoping to renew its growth, the social network will let users transport their profiles to other sites, such as Yahoo and eBay

Can Craigslist Stay Oddball?

The Web phenom was never into maximizing profits. A scrap with eBay may change things

Alcatel's Russo: There Is No Downturn

The CEO of Alcatel-Lucent, the world's largest telecom equipment maker, says the industry's outlook may be uncertain but growth opportunities remain

Best Buy Barges into Europe

The electronics giant has bought 50% of Britain's Carphone Warehouse, which has stores in nine countries. But the move comes at a risky time

Telecommunications Industry News Daily news bulletin of notable events in the telecommunications industry.
Vonage Reports $8-Million First-Quarter Operating Income

Independent VoIP provider, Vonage Holdings Corp., reported an improvement in its financial position late last week, despite slow subscriber growth and high churn rates.

Yellow Pages Income Fund Reports Growth in Revenue, Profit

Canada's leading distributor of telephone directories, the Yellow Pages Income Fund, reported strong first-quarter profits on Thursday, despite fears of a slowdown in the industry.

BT Launches “Total Broadband Anywhere” with Free Wi-Fi and Smartphone

UK landline incumbent, BT, is launching a new "Total Broadband Anywhere" service, in which residential high-speed internet access is packaged together with a free HTC smartphone and unlimited access to the company's public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Verizon FiOS Now America’s No. 11 Pay-TV Service

New York-based telecom giant, Verizon Communications, is now America's eleventh largest pay-TV provider, thanks to aggressive expansion of its FiOS TV network over the past two years.

Bell Canada Profits Drop, Revenue Stagnant in First Quarter

Canada's largest telecommunications carrier, Bell Canada Enterprises Inc., has reported a 45% drop in profit for the first quarter of 2008, as it paid to expand its broadband infrastructure into 86 remote and rural communities.

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Nvidia CEO denies buyout of Via

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang says he has no interest in buying out or participating financially in Via Technologies.

Stolen Mac helps nab burglary suspects

A remote desktop access feature found in some Macintoshes is being credited with leading police to two suspects in the burglary of an apartment in New York.

Flaw turns Gmail into spamming machine

A "serious security flaw" in Gmail allows spammers to send thousands of bulk e-mails through Google's SMTP service, according to a recent report.

Facebook borrows $100 million

Social-networking site Facebook has reportedly borrowed $100 million to finance the expansion of its server farms.

Nationalize Twitter? Hmm, not so fast

A lot of chatter recently that Twitter has become vital to our daily lives--with some suggesting it to a question of national security.

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