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Tuesday, 21 November 2006

AASP Managed Services


AASP has dedicated a department and staff to internally develop and manage high profit membership programs under the re-organization of AASP. We have over the years, seen that bringing several vendors’ products together into one product could create a best of breed offering to the members. AASP managed services does just that, bringing the membership some robust products. Run by AASP for our members, this decision was a planned initiative to pro-actively bring and drive key revenue generating product programs to our membership.

Focusing on member profit potentials, our managed services team will research products that can generate substantial revenues for our members in their own marketplaces. AASP will wholesale, care for, and support these product lines with sales tools, marketing content, private labeling (if available), and provide access to professional sales campaigns.

From years of building vendor relationships, we've negotiated and assembled a best of breed partnership and price with many different companies. Until now, It's been up to the vendors to support the growth, stability and sales support of the program. "It's not just a matter of saving money on core services anymore; its also a matter of having wholesale access to growth products, with non-vendor competitive analysis, and with sales support in your target marketplace".

Superior-Architected Infrastructure

Carrier-class hosting facilities with power and back-up power supplies, Generator, temperature, humidity control and fire suppression systems
12 hours of battery life and 24 hours of generator fuel with contracts for 4 hour diesel fuel delivery
Onsite technician

Server Clusters are an adaptable server or client based provisioning.
System is based on Linux, Unix, Dell and EMC hardware
Load-Balancers distribute connections across hardware and allow for easy addition of new hardware and auto-detection/removal of down equipment without interruption.
System is monitored and automatic alerts sent out when failures or heavy loads are detected. Stats stored for future growth projections.
Dual redundant/load-balanced fiber optic IP internet connections to Tier 1 internet back-bone providers.


Linux, MCSE, CCNA, CCNP, CCDA certified engineers maintain our infrastructure and provision our equipment and software as a service.

Managed Services Products:

 The Filtering & Archiving Market


Focusing on our channel partner’s profit potentials, AASP has added managed (outsourced) programs to generate substantial revenues for our partner providers in there own market places. AASP will wholesale, care for, and support specific programs with sales tools, marketing content, private labeling, and provide access to professional prospecting campaigns for our premium email filtering & archiving products in these AASP managed services programs.  


As with any group program, price is driven by participation.  AASP has researched and dedicated ourselves to negotiating for the finest services at the most competitive prices, from the start, with estimated participation.  Additional necessities focused on ease of use, ease of implementation, and “out of the box” performance.


Our research shows, without out a doubt, email concerns are providing some of the greatest short-term market growth potentials for the ISP, MSP, Network Integrator industries.  AASP has developed managed offerings because of these market potentials with turnkey, affordable, no hassle solutions.


See sub-menu at left for each service detail


Outsourced Email Filtering with Spooling


Hosted Email


Email Archiving


Outsourced IM Filtering  


 Managed Intrusion, Detection & Prevention Services (MIDPS)


Total Message Care


Web Content Filtering


Last Updated ( Thursday, 11 October 2007 )
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