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Saturday, 25 November 2006





These programs are designed to help ISPs retain customers and provide discounts to the

ISPs, their employees and their customers. This is a free service, included with your paid membership.


AASP has partnered with Affiliated Associations of America (AAOA) to be able to provide a total benefits package for our members. This program is available for members and their customers only and will be offered as a benefit to membership. There are multiple aspects of these programs. The ISP benefits program shares the same pin number system for ISPs and their customers. Each Member will have a unique pin number set with 9,999,999 pin numbers available. Each of your employees should be issued a pin number so they are able to take advantage of the program as well.


AASP brings its members a customer loyalty program. This program is designed to help ISP's retain customers as well as gain new ones, and provide discounts to the ISP and their subscribers. The ISP benefits program will share the same pin number system as the customer (end user) loyalty program. There are multiple aspects of this program.


1. Rewards program tied to the customer's credit cards. To date we have Visa, Master Card and Discover and American Express on board. This program would be in addition to any other reward programs that the customer is already signed up for. So in effect they could be earning rewards for more than one source.


2. Online shopping mall, which is tied to the reward points. There are several large retailers participating and more expected to come on board. To date there are over 330 active participating merchants. The online mall will have some specials not available elsewhere and the rewards points that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash cards that are not available other places. The shopping mall and the rewards program are provided and managed by VISA.


3. Discounts on products and services.


4. Health care related services.


5. Travel Discounts.


6. Personal financial services.


The above items will be available to all members and their customers. In addition to that, the ISPs will also have available:


1. Insurance products for the ISP's (these will not be available in all states at initial launch but will come online state by state as they are approved by the state insurance commissions and insurance providers get set up to participate.) If the federal government would pass S. 1955, the Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization act of 2005 we would be able to offer nationwide group health insurance within days. We may also be able to run some of these services down to the end user level.


2. Discounted business services.


3. Business financial services.


4. Human resources related services.


We have in place a system for the ISP to add their customers to the program. Every end user and ISP will need to be registered to obtain that customer's individual pin number. This pin number will be required to log in and access the program. Each pin number will be ISP specific. The ISP will have access to their companies control panel to add and remove customers. ISP's will be responsible for logging in to remove customers that leave their service. This must be done to insure the program has the desired effect, if you don't remove them then it defeats the purpose of a loyalty program. If the ISP is using ARIA systems for their ISP management and billing system the whole process can be automated as far as adding and removing their customer pin numbers.



1. The ISP must be a paying member of AASP (some of the items offered are available only to paid membership programs.) The membership fees must be up to date.


2. The rewards program and online mall are not internal to AASP and are administer for us by other organizations. Some of the programs require some form of membership to be eligible for their services. For additional information log into the AASP members only section. To set up for this service, log into Member Services and click on subscribers. If you have any questions regarding this Benefits Program, please contact us.

In addition to the program above we are working on a "bring your own service" project, where if your subscriber leaves your service they can continue to use your service for their email and other items and also stay with the loyalty program. Their saving earned by the program may just exceed their annual cost to stay with your service; in this case it would be a no brainer to keep paying you for services.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 03 January 2007 )
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