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Welcome to AASP                   July 2008 Newsletter  

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We are the AASP, the American Alliance of Service Providers (an association of independent Internet Service Providers),  was founded in January 2000 to unify ISP's as a group and leverage their aggregate size and resources to the common good of the membership. Although our membership is comprised of Internet Service Providers, the role of ISPs has become diverse over time and their services reflect a wide spectrum of the Internet industry -- Internet Service Providers, solutions providers, connectivity providers, hosting companies, web designers, CLEC's and other technology and Internet relevant companies. AASP is much more than a giant buying group; as it provides many resources for its ISP members. AASP's resources include information in areas such as education, legal, political, marketing, upcoming technology, forums, and the like. In fact the membership itself is one of the greatest resources available because the members share information, insights, connections and volunteer to help each other in specific areas. AASP has strategic alliances with other Internet service industry organizations whose efforts also support the common good of AASP's ISP association members.  AASP often tests new and/or upcoming technology and services to determine strengths and weakness and report that information to the Independent Internet Service Providers so they can make wise, informed decisions prior to allocating monies and resources.  We facilitate the distribution of information to the ISP association membership on matters that lobby groups need their help with. AASP keeps an eye on what is happening within the industry and addresses solutions that will help the membership achieve additional revenues, reduce churn, acquire new customers, reduce or eliminate financial loss and even excel in a rapidly changing industry.


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Members log in here to the member management interface here you can make changes to your AASP account information. For the Members Only Section login on the right.

Corporate Members

This is a listing of Companies/Vendors that provide their support to AASP. Normally they are not an ISP. These companies see the   value in the goals of AASP and the survival of the members. We thank them for their help and continued support.

Product Directory

Directory of products by Type and what vendors are bringing them to you.

Current Sponsors

AASP sponsors are in 4 categories Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze (see Vendors for Bronze) Click a category to see a list of vendors and the products they offer.

Strategic Alliances

Alliances with other groups or Associations (normally not for Profit)


Listing of Vendors with links to their sites

AASP Managed Services

These are the services where AASP is working with multiple vendors to bring a single product to the members. They require infrastructure behind them which AASP manages for the members.

Resource Center

Information and links on topics related to the industry. The Marketing and Law information pages also link from here.


News from AASP, Newsletter info, and Announcements

Industry News

News feeds to several industry related sites.
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Vendors wishing to participate will find information here.


Members login at the top right (for the members only section). To access the back office items use the secure login, Member Services Login on the left. Changing your password in one section will not affect other sections. All passwords have been reloaded to the original passwords, if you had problems logging in previously try your original info.  If you need your password for the members only section click on Lost Password? function.  If you need your password for Member Services Login then please send an email to admin"at", this is done to protect your confidential information.


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Outgoing Department of Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff says the Bush administration's work on cyber-security leaves President-elect Barack Obama well-positioned for progress on securing the nation's IT infrastructure.
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SMBs Worry More About Sales, Real Estate than Credit

Small business owners are more likely to be worried by slowing sales and declining real estate values than frozen credit lines, a study suggests.
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Research In Motion's much-anticipated BlackBerry Storm device is failing to keep up with the Apple iPhone in terms of customer satisfaction, according to a new survey by ChangeWave Research.

AccuWeather Launches Free Forecasting Application for Apple iPhone Device

Weather forecast provider, AccuWeather, has launched a new software application for the Apple iPhone device which provides users with radar and satellite weather maps, as well as hour-by-hour local forecasts.

Garmin Developing Google Android-Based Mystery Phone

Garmin, a maker of personal navigation devices, which is currently developing its own mobile phone and recently joined Google's Open Handset Alliance, has publicly acknowledged plans to offer another phone based on the Google Android operating system.

Ted Rogersâ Son Takes Control of Rogers Communications Empire

Leadership of Canada's biggest cable company, Rogers Communications, will be passed to Edward Rogers, son of the company's late founder, Ted Rogers.

Support Slides for Stricter Cell Phone Law in Washington

Washington drivers are having second thoughts about strengthening state regulations against talking on the phone behind the wheel, according to a pair of surveys by PEMCO Insurance.

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New year fast approaching, and so is the next-generation enterprise data warehouse

This has been one of the most pivotal years in the evolution of the enterprise data warehousing EDW market. Every EDW vendor of note has firmly repositioned its go-to-market strategy around the appliance approach, with some also taking tentative steps into what is sure to be a key theme in...

Lean software is so 2008

The reason to pull together a bigger picture is so you can think about how you might move in the future, but it's based on what we were seeing doing inquiries from clients. by Dana Blankenhorn

Lean software is so 2008

The reason to pull together a bigger picture is so you can think about how you might move in the future, but it's based on what we were seeing doing inquiries from clients. by Dana Blankenhorn

Relearning something about perl

Perl6 looks like a winner - something you'd be best advised to get behind early because it's going to be both a difficult and a worthwhile transition. by Paul Murphy

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Tony Hawk talks charity, game development

He's considered the best skateboarder ever, and his video games have become one of the most successful franchises. Although Hawk is retired, he still has plenty going on.

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Even as performance reasserts its prominence and features become less of the driving force behind browsers, there are still some useful features bestowed by add-ons.

Print news is fading, but the content lives on

According to a Pew survey, the Internet has overtaken newspapers as a main source of national and international news. But newspapers still supply much of the seed news content that's refactored by millions of bloggers.

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Company is rumored to be preparing itself for deep layoffs in an attempt to bolster profitability. But even this Microsoft critic can't get excited about Microsofties out of work.

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Some 40 percent of those surveyed say they get most of their international and national news from the Internet, up from 24 percent in September 2007.

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